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Absolutely Unbreakable
Extended Edition
August 26, 2006    
(Updated: July 17, 2012)
Overall rating 

When I saw Unbreakable in the theater, it was one of the only times I’ve ever wished a movie were longer. I simply did not want the movie to end. I’ve kept this feeling all this time, and so it makes sense that this is the first extended edition I’ve been interested in watching.

All of these added scenes are appreciated, and they really do add to an already great movie.

Sadly I was distracted at times by some scenes which suffered from poorly interlaced footage. These annoying lines were especially visible during the deleted scene “Audrey and Joseph at the hospital” and during the finale “fight” scene, although there were another few moments of it during the movie that didn’t last as long and weren’t as distracting (such as the last moments of the deleted scene at the fair). Not a huge problem, but detracted from the experience.

All in all, it is still my ideal version of the movie for the time being. 7 stars.

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