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March 24, 2013    
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Well I just finished watching this. What I remember about the tv series The Event was that it was so-so. It was sort of an interesting premise and the jumping back and forth through time was kinda cool. And that Sarah Roemer and Taylor Cole were hot.

I rewatched the first 6 episodes of The Event to refresh my memory. I have to agree with g1orkatsos that this is definitely an interesting approach to an edit by taking a side-plot from a tv show and turning it into a movie length narrative.

I watched the DVD of this edit. DVD design was nice. The trailer for this edit was really well made. The scene comparison was a cool special feature as well.

The opening of this edit was slightly abrupt but I know how hard that can be with a TV show
edit and it wasn't too jarring.

As was mentioned in another review, the outside shots of the cruise ship sure the quality difference is a bit noticeable, but the zoom had to be done and the quality difference is not horrible by any means (and in all honesty, had I not just rewatched episodes of the show, and not read the other reviews of this edit, I probably wouldn't have noticed at all).

My only other complaint is being very nitpicky and stuff that can't really be fixed with fanediting. We never get an answer to who are these people and why did they kidnap Leila and why did they want Sean? In the end does it really matter though? We want Sean to rescue Leila and for them to live happily ever after.

Other than that, I can't complain. I really enjoyed this edit. The video and audio quality were excellent. The inclusion of the flashbacks worked and helped to establish the connection and relationship between Sean and Leila.

This edit definitely had the feeling of Taken (nice choice of end credits song btw!) with a little mix of Unknown and/or Flight Plan (no one believes me but im telling the truth). So overall this edit was action packed, fast paced and fun.

Nice work juice!

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