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I remember A View To a Kill being one of The James Bond movies from my teen years. I begged my mother to let me take the video disc home to watch it. I was finally allowed to after we had rented it out several times and made our money back on it. I wasn't allowed to see it in the theatre because of the rating or my mother thinking Bond was a sexist pig...or both. At any rate, I was very excited. I guess I didn't realize how cartoonish Bond was before Dalton. I didn't remember thinking it wasn't awesome. I watched Last Survivor's edit with some friends a few nights ago. We all agreed that it was an excellent movie. I didn't tell them that it was an edit. A couple of comments were made about something seeming different. One was about the missing Beach Boys song. I just commented, "Are you sure?"

After they left, I watched the original. I think it may have taken the juxtaposition of watching both versions to realize exactly how much different the movie and the edit were. I did read the description on IFDB but who remembers everything?

The pacing and narrative create a much better experience. The editing is seamless. I wouldn't have noticed the changes had I not known they were there. I think the changes in the soundtrack created much of the improved pacing. I think I may have heard an elevator music version of View to a Kill throughout but can't be sure.

The movie was over before we realized it. In my opinion after watching them back to back, Last Survivor's edit is a massive improvement over the original in almost every possible way. I anxiously hope that he edits a few more Bond movies that feature Roger Moore as 007.

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