A Star is Re-Born: Reconstructed 1954 Roadshow Version HD

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A Star is Born as close to the Roadshow Incarnation possible with NO STILLS!
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This version reconstructs the Roadshow version from the restored Blu Ray RT 176min, removes all the stills, but retains as much audio as possible while also adding in new elements including the reconstructed Overture, Intermission in full and Exit Music together with full credits AND a newly constructed ending as intended by George Cukor in HD.
A Star is Born (1954), remains my fave version of this now four times filmed melodrama HOWEVER, IMHO (and many have published articles online that concur), I find the restoration of this movie to be catastrophic.

I applaud and acknowledge the huge effors that went into this restoration, and they are well documented in many articles and books, but for my taste, the us of stills to padd out the alsmost complete audio (5 mins were unused due to even that approach being unsuitable), just pulls me out of the picture EVERY TIME.
Other Sources:
2009 CD Restored Score
Theatrical Version DVD
IMDB for full credits
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Spence, ArtisDead
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This edit tries to a number of things:
1. Remove ALL the stills used to pad out the full audio that was discovered.
In fact, 5 mins that were removed for the restoration since even they could not make it work for those 5 mins with the 2 stills they had...that should have been a clue.
2. Retain as muc of the audio by using the motion footage to work around the limitations while maintaining the narrative.
3. Reconstruct the missing Overture and Exit music Captions and correct the INTERMISSION card by using the correct fonts (isolated from the opening titles) and use the correct music cues now available
4. Reconstrcut George Cukor's orginally intended orchestration and editing to the final scene now that a stereo version of the music exits and to do so in HD for the first time (previously this was an SD recreation that was on the DVD and Blu Ray)
5. Add back a few moments discoverd since the restoration.
Cuts and Additions:
Recontrsucted Overture Caption with Music Cue and correct font

Reconstructed Intermission Caption with Music Cue and correct font

Newly constructed full credits (source IMDB)
Reconstructed Exit Music Caption with Music Cue and correct font

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