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I've always enjoyed Spider-Man 3, probably because of childhood nostalgia. I never thought I'd see a Lynchian take on it. The edit has some very interesting ideas, very creative choices. I quite liked the rescores, and the modification of Mary Jane's voice at the end a la Twin Peaks. The main thing I didn't understand was why the edit opens with Brock, as he doesn't come into play later. I did think it was quite neat how the edit loops around to Peter & Gwen entering the Jazz club. The Jazz club scene itself is pure cringe, had to skip through part of that, but it was worth including for the "who are you" bit. I thought that the fight scene with Sandman was fine to include, but perhaps should've have been shortened, as the point of that scene (I imagine) was to show Peter killing Sandman in revenge, so the fighting itself could've been a bit shorter. Only a minor gripe.

I'm hardly a fan of Lynch, he pointlessly convolutes stories for no good reason, but I did enjoy this edit, it was very well done. I imagine most of Lynch's films would also work better as shorts.
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