A Nightmare on Elm Street [raymix]

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Brief Synopsis:
Aside from tightening up the editing/pacing, my main goal here was to fix the awful original ending. NoES is one of my absolute favorite movies, but, due to studio meddling, the ending falls on it's face in embarrassment.
This edit aims to fix that.
This project aims to bring stronger continuity, tighter editing & improved pacing to 6 of the films in the Nightmare on Elm Street movie series.
Other Sources:
-A Nightmare on Elm Street (Warner Bros. Bluray, 2012)
-A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (Warner Bros. Bluray, 2012)
-Friday the 13th (Scream Factory bluray, 2020)
Additional Audio-
-A Nightmare on Elm Street Score (Varèse Sarabande Records Remaster, 2015)
-A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Score (Varèse Sarabande Records Remaster, 2015)
-A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Score (Sony Classical Records, 2010)
-Nodisco by Depeche Mode (from the album Speak & Spell, 1981)
-Sound Effects (freesound.org & youtube.com)
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I tried to stay true to Patrick McMahon & Rick Shaine's editing style from the original film. I didn't want anything to seem changed or altered at all.
This mostly meant sharp, quick cutting & trying to keep the energy high.
Cuts and Additions:
Opening Credits-
-added the Fanedit.org logo.
-added my fanedit production logo.
-added music over New Line production logo & director credit. (Prologue)
-replaced the old strobing New Line logo with the classic version from NoES 3.
-new "A Wes Craven Film" credit.
-added a quote from Oscar Wilde.
Pre-Title Scene-
-re-framed the opening scene so the image fills the frame.
Title Sequence-
-new title logo.
-added sound effects to new title sequence.
-edited the Main Title theme to match the new title sequence.
-added a white-flash transition from the title sequence into Tina's dream.
Tina's Dream-
-cut the shot of Freddy's knives piercing through the cloth.
-used masks, cropping & panning to remove all opening credits.
-added Freddy's knives piercing through the cloth before they slice downwards.
-removed Tina's Mom's boyfriend urging her to "Come back to the sack."
Going to School-
-added "Monday, March 22nd 1982" text to the shot of Glenn's car pulling up at school.
Spending the Night at Tina's House-
-Nancy's 'In The Wall' dream plays through uninterrupted by Tina's dream.
-Tina's dream plays through uninterrupted by Nancy's 'In The Wall' dream.
-cut Freddy's stretched arms.
-removed Freddy cutting off his fingers.
-cut Freddy's face coming off.
Nancy Gets Ready for School-
-cut the news footage showing Tina's dead body.
Nancy's Dream in Class-
-removed Freddy cutting himself, revealing green ooze & worms.
Nancy Goes Looking for Freddy-
-cut Nancy sinking into the stairs.
-cut Freddy wearing Tina's face.
At Rod's Funeral-
-cut the priest saying "Live by the sword, Die by the sword."
-added a music cue as Nancy describes Freddy to her parents. (Prologue)
Nancy & Glenn on the Phone-
-added music coming from Glenn's headphones when Nancy calls. (Nodisco by Depeche Mode)
Nancy Locked Inside-
-cut Nancy pulling a second coffee maker out from under her bed.
-cut Nancy saying "My boyfriend?" after her phone call from Freddy.
Glen's Demise-
-Glen's death scene plays through uninterrupted by Nancy's scream.
Final Showdown-
-the deputy doesn't take so long to go get Nancy's dad.
-cut Nancy yelling for her dad from the living room window.
-augmented the music cue as Freddy rises from the bed with the track Show Yourself.
-cut Nancy telling Freddy "I want my mother & friends back."
-augmented the music cue as Freddy attempts to attack Nancy with the track Show Yourself.
-removed the the ending, starting as Nancy walks away through the door.
-added a white-flash transition as Nancy walks through the door.
-added the sound of the door closing during the transition.
-added a music cue to the transition. (Prologue)
New Ending-
-added "Six Years Later" text.
-added an establishing shot of the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital.
-added a scene of Nancy, now working at the psych hospital, counseling a girl who's having nightmares.
-augmented the music during the Westin Hills scene with Pt.3 Opening & Prologue.
-slo-mo & fade-out on the last shot of the Westin Hills scene.
End Credits-
-new music over the end credits. (Run Nancy/No Escape [raymix] )
-added a shot of the jump-rope girls to post-credits.
-slo-mo on the shot of the jump-rope girls.
-added the "Freddy's Coming for You" rhyme to the jump-rope scene.
-added my production logo to the end.
-added music over my production logo. (Prologue)

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I really enjoyed this version of A Nightmare on Elm St. The cuts were smart and made the movie a little creepier. Looking forward to watching others in the series!

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