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This was a nice short ride, I think most slasher films should stick to the 90-100 minute runtime before they outstay their welcome.

Scream 4 was for a me a film that sort of was a pleasant surprise when it came out, 3 wasn't great and it had been 11 years so maybe I was looking forward to it at the time, Stuff like Anthony Anderson's death bothered me even on the initial viewing because of how stupid it was. But stiuff like the ending was a slow burner, it was drawn out, it was convoluted. This edit fixes most of what was wrong with scream 4, but short of refilming there's no way around the killer's lame motive. I do prefer this ending over the actual one though.

What I would probably change is Anthony's death, I'd take it the extra 30 seconds or so,have the scene change as he's getting stabbed in the head. In the following scene it's already announced the cops were found dead inside their car so there's no reason for him to be out of the car. Maybe for version 2 if there is one.

Absolutely love that the song Red Right Hand has been added to this, it might be more synonymous with Peaky Blinders in these present times, but as far as films go, it will always be part of the Scream and Hellboy franchises to me.

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