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Man this was a fun one! The editing was flawless, audio and all. No obvious cuts. As far as de-exaggerating the characters, Ryantology did a great job. No dumb lines, and everyone feels like an actual person. There were still a couple cheesy or purposely corny lines, but you NEED that in a Scream movie. Real people say unfunny things a lot.

Only 2 people I still have a problem with after the cuts: Alison Brie cause I think her acting is horrible in anything serious (plus her character didn't need to be written into the movie in the first place), and Anthony Anderson cause even with editing that death is too cartoony. To think that the first thing you'd do after being stabbed in the brain is reach directly for the door handle is fucking dumb. But cutting them both drastically (pun intended) was definitely helpful.

The narrative is the one thing I didn't 100% enjoy, but I'm having a hard time explaining why. It may be from the various cuts to all characteres throughout the movie, but I didn't ever feel like I was missing anything. It just never felt like I was following a main character. Courtney Cox almost felt like the focus for a lot of it. But mostly, it felt pretty evenly spread over all characters, even the supporting ones. The thing is, it's been so long since viewing the original that I don't remember if that's how it already was. This didn't make it much less enjoyable, but it felt like I wasn't really connected to any character.

The ending is 100% better. (Don't read the cutlist before watching)

(Tiny note: After the fake intro, one of the girls says something about watching the movie in a movie. But since one false intro was cut, they didn't see that. They'd have to be referring to themselves being in the movie for it to make sense. A tiny note, but it's right in the beginning, and it's the only line in the entire movie that I noticed not making sense.)

Good job!

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