Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy [raymix]

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Brief Synopsis:
My main Intentions were to remove any reference to things that have been removed from my edits of the films, I've also added some deleted segments & removed some filler/odd comments.
I wanted to make a version of the documentary that works with my NoES [raymix] series.
Other Sources:
Sources Used:
-Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (RLJ Bluray, 2017)
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I did'nt want anything to seem changed at all, so I stuck to the documentarian style used.
Cuts and Additions:
Overall Changes-
-Color corrected some interviewees. (
Opening Titles-
-added logo.
-added my production logo.
-recreated the opening quote in the font & style used for the [raymix] series.
-cut the melting film effect.
-cut Freddy's stretched arms during the credits.
-removed the series overview.
Pt.1- Creating NoES
-cut Jack Shoulder's comments about New Line needing a horror movie.
-color corrected some shots of Heather Lagenkamp.
-cut a shot of Tina's mom's boyfriend.
-cut Jsu Garcia throwing shade at Friday the 13th.
-cut Rachel Talalay throwing shade at Friday the 13th.
-cut the shot of Freddy chopping off his fingers.
-moved the bit about Freddy's sweater to the part about his character creation.
-cut everything about Freddy's stretched arms scene.
-cut everything about the Sticky Stairs scene.
-cut a shot of the Freddy skull dummy.
-cut Jsu Garcia's story about drug abuse.
-cut talk about the deleted ending to Glen's demise.
-cut talk about the original ending of the film.
Pt.2- Freddy's Revenge
-color corrected all shots of Kevin Yagher.
-cut all talk about the 'parakeet scene'.
-cut some of the awkward discussion about the "gay subtext".
-cut all the criticism of the film.
-cut the part about the demon dogs & cat.
-cut discussion of the final 'on the bus' scene.
Pt.3- Creating Dream Warriors
-cut criticism of Freddy's Revenge.
-color corrected some shots of Heather Lagenkamp.
-cut the talk about suicide.
-color corrected all shots of Kevin Yagher.
-color corrected all shots of Stacy Alden.
-cut the talk about "sexual awakenings".
-cut John Saxton throwing shade at the 'Skeleton scene'.
-cut Kevin Yagher saying "By the light of God."
-cut the talk about a "Christian" angle.
-cut everything about Dokken's Dream Warriors song.
Pt.4- Creating The Dream Master
-cut the discussion about the dog peeing fire.
-cut the discussion about the 'Beach Scene'.
-cut the part about the nunchuks.
-color corrected all shots of Kevin Yagher.
-color corrected all shots of Toy Newkirk.
-removed the bit about the robot arm.
-cut the part about the 'Pizza of Souls'.
-cut the bit about the looping dream.
-cut the mention of the children's choir.
-color corrected shots of Heather Lagenkamp.
Creating The Dream Child
-cut this entire section.
Creating Freddy's Dead
-cut this entire section.
Pt.5- Artwork, Music, Cultural Impact & Merchandising
-added the deleted section about the poster artwork.
-cut Joseph Peak talking about the Dreamscape snake in the painting.
-cut the talk about The Dream Child & Freddy's Dead.
-added the deleted section about the music/compositions.
-cut the parts about Freddy's Dead.
Pt.6- Creating New Nightmare
-cut Robert Englund mentioning Freddy's Dead.
-cut the Dream Child & Freddy's Dead title cards.
-color corrected shots of Heather Lagenkamp.
-cut David Newsom demonstrating how he really scratches his balls.
-cut the bit about the 'army of Freddy's'.
-cut the part abut the big claw.
-cut the bit about the eel in the eye.
-cut the part about Freddy's stretched mouth.
Pt.7- Creating Freddy vs. Jason
-cut the Feeburg/Jay connection.
-cut the part about some altered dialog.
-cut the part about Kira taunting Freddy.
-cut Wes Craven throwing shade at the movie.
Pt.8- Conclusion & End Credits
-color corrected shots of Heather Lagenkamp
-cut Whit Hertford's comments.
-cut a bunch of the "what the series means to me" moments.
-cropped out the actors reciting lines during the end credits.
-new end credits music (Run Nancy/No Escape [raymix]).
-added Heather Lagenkamp to post credits.
-added my production logo to the end.

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