Sonic The Hedgehog: The Live And Learn Cut

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Are You A Sonic Fan? Are You A Fan Of The Film Franchise BUT...
- You Don't Like The Human Sub-Plots, Especially THAT DARN FAKE WEDDING!
- You Wish Sonic Was Less Childish,


Introducing “Sonic The Hedgehog: The Live And Learn Cut”. The idea of this fan edit is to combine both movies into one action packed fast paced Sonic Adventure that focuses on him becoming a true hero and finding friends and family along the way!

And of course, As the Sonic Fan base has been craving ever since the release of the first movie, I will also add in Music from across the Sonic Franchise. This includes Music from Sonic Adventure 1-2, Heroes, 06, Unleashed and more!
This Is My Love Letter To The Character I Have Adored For Over 14 Years And I Believe Sonic Game Fans, Sonic Film Fans And Sonic Film Haters Will LOVE This Edit.
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Sonic Music And Sound Effects From Across The Franshise.
Source: Youtube.
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- Moved The Master Emerald Backstory To The Beginning As A New Prologue.
- Sonic playing Psychiatrist.
- Tom And Maddy At Home
- Sonic Doing An Arm Fart and Chewing Gum.
- Wade After The Blackout.
- Tom Looking At The Glowing Quill.
- Eggman Talking About Search History And Blabbing.
- Eggman analyzing the footprint.
- Sonic Talking To Himself About Shooting Lightning Out Of His Butt.”
- Sonic Packing Silly Stuff.
- Sonic Saying Goodbye To The Cave.
- Dating Apps and Olive Garden Conversation Between Tom and Maddy.
- Sonic Talking About Mushrooms Being His Only Friend.
- Alien Mother Ship And Probe Joke.
- Sonics Spaghetti Legs.
- Eggman Doing Silly Dance In Front Of Tom.
- Sonic Talking To Himself While Robots Search House.
- Sonic Shaking Fish And Wet Off Body.
- Trimmed Conversation Between Sonic And Tom In Car.
- Worlds Largest Rubber Band Ball.
- Entire Bar And Hotel Sequence.
- Sonic Flossing.
- Family Of Four In Car Gag.
- Sonic “Live Streaming”.
- Tom Beating Eggman Robot.
- Holograms In Eggman Dance Sequence.
- Smelling Salts Gag
- First Gotta Go Fast.
- Trimmed Tom And Maddy Conversation
- Sonic In Bag Elevator Gag
- Trimmed Conversation On Roof.
- Bad Green Screen Tom And Maddy Falling.
- Trimmed Sonic Reaching For Quill.
- Freeze Frame From Beginning Scene
- If You Can't Beat Him, Blind Him.
- Guack.
- Trimmed Tom Running With Ring.
- Epilogue Of First Movie
- Eggmans Coffee Contraption.
- Other Aliens Coming Through Ring Portal.
- Knuckles And Eggmans First Conversation.
- Sonic 2 Title.
- Chili Dogs
- Sonic Bombs Gag
- Sonic Radio Farts Gag.
- You Are Supposed To Be My Friend, Stop Trying To Be My Dad.
- Childish Sonic Destroying House.
- Eggman Eating Popcorn.
- Eggman Flossing.
- Wade Jokes In Garage.
- Failed Attempts Of Making Tom Look Weak And Nerdy.
- Trimmed Russians Dancing And Cut Bad Initial Sonic And Tails Dancing.
- Channing Tatum Pop Culture Reference.
- Vin Diesel And The Rock Pop Culture Reference.
- Trimmed Tom Trying To Get Ring Back.
- Entire Fake Wedding Subplot (Thank God!)
- Wade Sheriff Sub Plot.
- Silly Eggman Talking To Himself During Sonic And Knuckles Fight.
- Dubstep Super Eggman.
- He's Building Something...
- Eggman And Stone Not Knowing How To Control Robot Gags.
- Super Sonic Chili Dog Gag.
- No Longer Relevant Credits Sequences.


Added An Improved Logos Intro
Added Deleted Scene Of Tom Speaking To Carl By The Police Car.
Sonic Music And Sound Effects Throughout Movie, Featuring Music From Sonic Adventure 1, Heroes, Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) And Unleashed.

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