Scream: Director's Cut (1996)

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Scream: one of the most beloved horror franchises to come out of the 90s, which still endures to this day. Being a fan of the franchise since my youth, and greatly excited by the release of Scream VI, I found myself outlining several Scream related projects I wanted to pursue over the course of this year, and the first one on my list was restoring Wes Craven's original cut of the first film to the best of my abilities. The Director's Cut of Scream has only ever been available on a very few releases, all of which were SD: laserdisc, VHS, and DVD.

After acquiring the 2002 Japanese Pioneer Entertainment Region 2 DVD, and studying as much material as I could find on the net regarding the Director's Cut, I immediately began this project. Sourcing the SD Director's Cut from the DVD and the recent HD transfer of the film via 2021 remastered Blu-ray, I was able to reconstruct and restore this highly sought after original vision of this beloved film as best as I could. The DVD transfer quality isn't the best, but it isn't the worse either, and upscaling the needed SD footage only did so much; a satisfactory effort was made, and I am proud to present Scream: Director's Cut in full HD.
To reconstruct and restore Wes Craven's original, gory vision of Scream in its full NC-17 glory.
Other Sources:
Scream (1996) Japanese Region 2 DVD: The Director's Cut of the film was sourced here. The unedited gore shoots needed for full restoration were taken from here and upscaled via Topaz Video AI. The SD transfer also served as an A/V sync guide for assembling this cut. The audio for this reconstruction was sourced from this DVD as well.
Scream (1996) US Region A 2021 Blu-ray: The most recent transfer of the film, remastered for its 25th anniversary, was sourced from this Blu-ray release. This HD source makes up the bulk of the reconstruction. The SD footage was color corrected to match this transfer using DaVinci Resolve.
Release Information:
Special Features
5.1 and 2.0 English soundtracks.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added Steve Orth's uncut death.
- Added uncut version of Casey Becker hanging from a tree.
- Added Tatum Riley's uncut death.
- Added Kenny the cameraman's uncut death.
- Added an uncut version of Billy and Stu stabbing each other at the end.
- Added an uncensored version of Stu's hand bleeding as Sidney looks down at the father during the finale.