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The fanedit warning and title cards are excellent. I thoroughly enjoy when an edit incorporates the style of the film in the fanedit warning. The new information incorporating the ARG stuff was really cool. I remember the marketing for this film and the ARG backstory stuff was really interesting. It also takes some explanations given outside the film and makes them canon, which I appreciate. Now, to the cuts. I love the reduction of super creepy Hud. It was always uncomfortable for me but in recent years given the actor even more so. I like the character more in this edit. I still don't like him but I like him more. It makes his death more meaningful IMO. The Rob/Beth dynamic works a bit better here. The movie now shows instead of tells us about what happened with them. Frankly, none of these characters are that interesting outside of Marlene and the removal of the flashbacks take the focus away from a story that is frankly way less interesting than the monster in the city. We still get arcs (kinda) for Rob and Beth, as much as in the original. The lack of flashbacks keeps the focus and the tension on what is happening, instead of cutting away to a backstory that the viewer cares less about than the action. Since so much of the film is spent not really understanding what is going on and why, I find that keeping the viewer there works better. I think the ending is more powerful ending where it does, rather than the ferris wheel scene answering the mystery box question in an unsatisfying way.
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