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FanFix August 15, 2007 4150
(Updated: July 17, 2012)
This is a real good fanedit and it is to me very astonishing it was created with such a little tool like TMPG DVD AUTHOR 3.0, which is of course a good program to author DVDs, but it also has really good editing options, except for being unable to create transitions, be it audio- or videowise. Now for the video editing this is not too necessary most of the times, because clear cuts are in 99% the exact right choice inbetween movie scenes, BUT audio transitions are necessary, because scores simply don't flow into each other, when scenes are missing.

What was done is that all sideplots were removed, pretty much like what MISSING PATIENT did with his edit, but this one here is better executed. The movie has ag reat flow now. Nothing is really missed, since all the references to any dark plans, bribing or plotting were removed. I love it this way.

The edit:
The image quality is really good. It worked very well in action scenes and slow scenes, at least on my TV. There are no flaws, which I spotted. Audiowise it is NOW the same. i repaired one scene, where a rough cut was really disturbing, but besides that... great (IMO).
editing: 5 of 5
image quality: 5 of 5
audio quality: 5 of 5

To me this was VERY entertaining. Not that it was a too big deal to create this, but the way it was done, is perfect IMO.
5 of 5

No extras. I created a DVD and added animated chapters and I think the DVD looks really good. I also added cover and disc art, to make this complete.

No subtitles, no other audio.
4 of 5

resulting in... and hold your breath guys, because I really rarely do this:
5 of 5 from me.
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