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FanFix March 29, 2007 6842
(Updated: July 17, 2012)
removing the soldiers is, imho, a catch22. for one, we don’t get to see humans as a horrifying animal when put under unimaginable stress. the movie lacks the social commentary which really was the underlying plot device… would humans continue moral standards without government? without a system to distribute penalty?

however, without this element you have just a zombie-like horror movie that hits all of your disturbing buttons. in that sense (i.e. the whole point of this edit) it does succeed. the social commentary is mostly gone and the audience is left with the QUESTION of whether or not we are all horrible people, LOL.

seriously, tho. without the soldier scenes, the ending has a new meaning… perhaps a little less heavy, but exactly as the editor desired. i wonder if completely removing the soldier tangent would be possible or at least MORE heavy editing than is included here and still work as a continuous story…

entertainment 4/5
fanediting 5/5
video 5/5
audio 5/5
original 3.5/5
fanedit 4/5

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