24 Refocused Part 1

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24 Refocused Part 1
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Sacrificing the real time events, this turns “24″ into a movie experience, focusing on what really works. Jack Bauer does whatever it takes to save the day and rescue his family. Now it is a more believable story with faster pacing.
To focus the experience on what really works, which is Jack Bauer doing whatever it takes to save the day and rescue his family. I also wanted to make a more believable story with faster pacing.
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This is part 1 of a trilogy of movies that tell the story of the entire first season of 24. This first part consists of episodes 1 through 8.

24 is a great story about Jack Bauer, a man who is willing to go to any lengths to triumph against impossible odds. Unfortunately the show gets bogged down with lots of annoying side-characters embroiled in annoying and slow-paced side-plots. By cutting these scenes, the pacing is drastically improved, a great deal of weak plot elements and plot holes are left on the cutting room floor, the show is a lot more focused, and is more enjoyable. For those with fond memories of the show as well as for first time viewers, I believe this is really the ideal way to watch the show.

I’ve re-worked a lot of this movie since I posted it in Works-In-Progress recently. Not every transition can be made perfect, do to the limited nature of working with TV episodes with 2.0 audio (ugh). Lots of times an important scene would stretch from the end of one episode, seamlessly into the beginning of the next episode, except the music would change and there would be a bunch of weird split screens out of no-where.

That said. I think this has turned out really well. And I’ve certainly made the version of 24 that I always wanted.
Cuts and Additions:

Cut all scenes with David Palmer and his family going through a family crisis.
Cut all scenes of Kim Bauer sneaking out and getting kidnapped. We only know what little that Jack and his wife Teri are able to piece together while looking for her.
Cut nearly all scenes of Teri Bauer looking for Kim, now we just get periodic updates when she talks on the phone with Jack.
Cut all scenes from the perspective of the bad guys, now we find things out along with Jack and the team at CTU.
Cut some of the office bickering and annoyances with Tony, Nina, Jamie, and Mason.
Cut some short mentions of technology that rang false (Jack and Teri saying they “got Kim a password for her email” for example, they should know better in 2001).
Numerous small cuts to remove annoyances, improve pacing, and make things more consistent.
Cover art by Casmir Radon (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: July 16, 2012)
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(Updated: July 17, 2012)

very enjoyable way to watch 24 (no family drama!) and although it still feels like a TV series perhaps i prefer it that way. a few issues were noticed (video quality being sub par, a few noticeable scene changes) but otherwise a very satisfying 24 endulgence :)

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(Updated: July 16, 2012)
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(Updated: July 17, 2012)

Good idea (has to be done!), Good fanedit.
It still feels like a shorter version of 24 and not like a real movie to me.
But it’s not the purpose of this edit as we mostly only follow Jack. There are scenes without him. So I can’t blame the faneditor for sticking to his (good) idea!

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