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Full disclosure... I love 2010! Yeah, I am that guy. lol While I fully acknowledge Kubrick was a genius filmmaker, I do find his 2001 to be a very cold, detached, clinical experience. It is masterpiece of filmmaking that, for me, is filled with wonderous visuals and undeveloped boring characters. I think that is why I prefer 2010; instead of trying to compete with the original classic, it shifts story emphasis to characters rather than metaphysics.

With that out of the way, I got to say this was a truly fascinating watch.
SubjectZero has KUBRICKED the frack out of 2010!

Some exceptional audio throughout this edit. I thoroughly enjoyed all the new music choices. The pacing, chapter breaks and minimalism all harken nicely to the original. The 'no sound in space' works very well. Though the spacewalk breathing sound fx didn't quite work for me, as it never changes when the characters are in distress.

The new minimalism tone works really well. So well, that the "hotdog" and "you think I was wrong" scenes feel out of place in this new narrative. Also, I found the removal of the Cold War dialogue in the scene between Heywood and Moisevitch to be a bit awkward. And while I loved the additional footage from other films like Ad Astra, narratively it works fantastically, I thought it could have been degraded more to match the original film; as is, it really pops out with how clean, bright and CGI it is.

While I still prefer the original movie, this was an amazing alternate viewing experience.
SubjectZero successfully met all his set out goals.
Well worth the watch! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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