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(Updated: July 16, 2012)
Kinda disappointed in this one..I’m guessing that you used the Goldsmith conducted version of the Alex North score, if so the timing would be all off, even if you didn’t , the Alex North scored version of the film would have been 20 minutes or so longer before the cuts made after the previews. But yeah Kubrick had it right the score is completely inappropriate for the film. As for your edit it was interesting to see definitely, there were some sound issues and cuts to the monolith during the moonwatcher attack when it should have been gone. The opening Carl Sagan bit was interesting but not very dramatic, especially before the opening credits start. Now the ending bit which I won’t mention which I’m sure you were following the book ends up being (because of how it was handled) extremely bizarre and comedic. Kubrick apparently thought it was too much like his Dr. Strangelove ending so nixed it, it also removes a lot of the ambiguity of the original ending. But after a few beers watching this I must admit me and my buddies spit out a few with laughter…maybe if you used some shots from terminator 3 or something that has a similar end. Anyways great effort, was really entertained by the audacity.
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