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A very warm welcome back to one of my favourite faneditors. It's been far too long, and let's hope that with the completion of 155 it will whet the appetite for Bionic Bob to go on to do more projects in the near future.

Now, Sully is a film that it's taken me an age to see. In preparation for this edit I finally got around to watching the theatrical version and I have to say that on the whole I loved it. Indeed, I did wonder why the hell anyone would want to change anything and make a fanedit out of it. However, Bob's approach to his version makes perfect sense and is more than worthwhile.

In the theatrical version the events which unfold are not told in a strictly linear fashion. It's very skillfully done, in that we see different viewpoints of the Miracle on the Hudson at varying points during the film, in amongst all the hearing stuff which sees the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) somewhat controversially try to imply that Captain Sully was at fault and could have landed the plane safely at a nearby airport. In 155, the edit solely concentrates on a linear retelling of just the flight itself and indeed, it succeeds beautifully.

Some people may say that this edit is an easy one. However, look deeper and you'll see a real understanding of narrative here in the way all the different scenes have been collated together and rearranged, to the point that you genuinely would not have known that the film played out any differently. Of course, it means this edit is a very short one... there's no scenes of Sully suffering horrific visions of the plane crashing into buildings, or the much debated depiction of the aforementioned NTSB. But this is not the point of the edit. It's quick, sharp, and to the point and represents a truly breathtaking and nail biting way to witness the Miracle on The Hudson and how Captain Sully saved 155 people.

Technically, everything works here. Visually, when watching on a computer it looks great. It doesn't quite hold up so well on a big screen, but it's still more than passable in this regard. Audio editing is spot on, helped no doubt by the fact that Eastwood's films aren't exactly brimming with music, but it's perfectly executed here.

All in all, a terrific comeback for the one of the best editors around. It makes for a very satisfying way to experience what must have been a terrifying ordeal for all 155 passengers and crew. Needless to say - highly recommended.
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