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FanFix March 30, 2007 3092
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This was an absolutely fantastic cut, from top to bottom. The story is beautifully streamlined, the removed scenes lifted out so well that I can't even tell you where they were supposed to be, and the deleted scenes put back in so well that they feel very natural.

I gave the audio and video nine out of ten because the deleted scenes could've been re-colored and smoothed out to better match the film, and because in one of them, the music overwhelms the audio a tiny bit, but it doesn't distract too much from the film. Overall, I feel that this could be shown to someone who had never seen the original- or to someone who hasn't seen the original in a very long time- and they wouldn't be able to tell that it's a fan edit at all, which makes it a quite superior fan edit indeed.

Great cut of a great movie. I recommend it to any beginner fan editors who want to learn about the craft. Two thumbs up!

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