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ok ok, when you kook my Reviews up you will find, that i liked them all and gave many Stars.
That is easy to explain, as i just started this Year to dig in, and i wanted to start with the best there is.

And my friends THIS IS BOND.
I had so much fun seeing this, the whole idea is great and the outcome is a brilliant show hat is worthy to be HBO content.
Every Bond Movie from the Graig Era gets the time it needs, enough Ladylove and Drinks in to remember that this is James Bond but more structure and Focus, breathless from one to the next step in the evolution that Craig made as Bond.

I am a big fan of this and enjoed it like crazy, this will be a go to thing from now on.
If ever the last part will be included, i will come back.
I did not like the last entry and so i am looking forward what DigModiFicaTion could do with it.
But if you never do it, i am fan as well, as this is one of the best Shows i saw this year !

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